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Forklift hire

Plant Machinery | plant hire | June 30, 2011

Find the cheapest local Forklift hire in your area via price / rate and Postcode

There are some cheap deals to be had in the fork truck business currently, here are a few ideas and links to good deals

Forklift hire

Forklift hire

Firstly what type of forklift suits your business requirement

Counterbalance Lift Truck

This is a very popular forklift rental throughout the UK and the world, the counterweight stands for the weight attached at the back of the truck it enables it to lift more weight at a greater height whilst keeping stable and preventing unwanted toppling.

You can buy or hire diesel, fuel or electric counterbalance forklifts, in the electric the battery may act as the mass that enables larger loads to be lifted a the adjacent end.

The mast is vertically attached to the The truck frame which makes up the bottom and foundation of the machine. Fuel tanks will make up part of the frames design and is engineered in a way to minimise size so the forklift can easily and safetly drive down warehouse isles for example.


There are several types of forklift attachments available including side shifters, carton clampers, rotators , carpet poles and pole handlers, roll clamps and more the most common types of attachments are the metal forks used to lift pallets.

Forklift cab

The cab may be open or covered, usually covered for safety and acts as a guard in case anything falls on top of the forklift.
Inside the cab there are pedals similar to any vehicle a break and throttle. steering wheel some have climate control heaters, most importantly the levers to work the hydraulic lifts.

Articulated Forklift cab

Very commonly used in the warehouse and manufacturing areas, the articulated fork truck can be used for loading lorries, extremeley useful in tight spaces as it has the rare ability of been able to turn 90 degrees. this means you can use the surplus space in the warehouse for more storage and racks.

Reach trucks

reach truck

reach truck

Like the articulated truck it also allows the operator to turn 90 degrees on the spot so again very useful for stacking in narrow aisled warehouses. The operator in these high lifting machines sits side on to the hydraulic lift mechanism this does make driving these a little more difficult and extra training is recommended.

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2 Responses to “Forklift hire”

  1. Fork lift for rent in the Uk on July 2, 2011 @ 8:28 pm

    Looking for a forklift truck hire – preferably counterbalance for three days can any one help out?

  2. Should I expect to pay delivery charge when renting a forklift on July 2, 2011 @ 8:30 pm

    Would they generally charge for delivery when hiring a forklift in England?

    Thanks John

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